Check This Website for More SEO Tips and Tricks
Check This Website for More SEO Tips and Tricks

Internet video marketing is fairly new and a highly effective, low-cost search engine optimization (SEO) strategy to show your products and services to potential customers.

For you videos to reach top positions on the search engines, you need to optimize from the start of your video production and you can use these 11 Critical Internet Video Optimization features, to ensure your video’s top search engine positions in the field.

If you want your videos to reach top positions on Google, YouTube, Yahoo, MSN and the other search engines, this is what you can do:

  1. Video Content – since content is still king, compelling content is where all optimization starts.

  2. Video Script – with Google’s new audio indexing technology (GAUDI) video optimization now has to start with the script of the video, making sure the targeted keywords and semantically related words are in the script to get indexed quickly and correctly by Google.

  3. Format – video formats are evolving from a standard 1-2 min format. Shorter and longer formats begin to take their place where appropriate with good story telling skills becoming even more important.

  4. Call-To-Action – video viewers now expect appealing call-to-actions, almost like a reward worth their interest. A lot can be learned here from the fact that promotions do so well on the Internet.

  5. Keywords and Competition – Professional video ads utilize semantically related keyword / competition research in depth and advertisers need to absolutely make sure that the keywords they use to optimize their videos, get enough searches and click-throughs, enjoy a manageable level of competition plus – most importantly – convert visitors well to customers.

    A simple optimization is to use your keywords in the video file.

    Relevant keywords should always attract potential customers who are likely to buy, rather than looking for information. Websites who don’t optimize properly might get high numbers of visiting browsers who are looking for information but most probably will not buy. This is a key distinction to achieve higher conversion rates.However, videos (and sites) shouldn’t be overly focused on targeted keyword terms since Google now understands keyword relationships more and more when processing searches. It improves the rankings of pages with related keyword phrases even if those pages are not focused on the target term. Pages that are too focused on one phrase tend to rank worse (sometimes even being filtered out). Pages that are focused on a wider net of related keywords tend to have more stable rankings for the core keyword and rank for a wider net of keywords (SEO Book).

  6. Video Links – video ads will show stable, top natural listings, with a number of incoming links from high ranking websites. These links can be obtained through conventional link building campaigns, blog comments and bookmarking.

  7. Meta Tags – The title tag is still one of the most important tags a video (or a site) can show the search engines. Target keywords are used in a descending order from the left in the title and in the description and keyword tag.

  8. Share – Watermarked videos need to be share-able with embed code like on video sharing sites, email-able and allow for distribution via RSS. Videos should be uploaded to top video sharing sites.

  9. Conversion – A key to success in this rapidly growing market is, firstly, that a video on your site or uploaded onto the internet gets found immediately when a potential customer searches online and, secondly, the effectiveness of the video to turn that viewer into a targeted lead for your business and then to an actual buying customer.

  10. Track-able – Videos advertisements on an online directory site can and should be interactive and track-able. It is important for you to see how many more new customers are streaming in as a direct result of your Video Advertising campaign.

  11. Video Player: Superior interactive video players transform passive video ads into
    active, revenue-generating leads by allowing potential customers to interact with videos and to connect directly with you via phone, sms, fax, email, going to your website, saving the video as a document, contact or bookmark.
    Video viewers must be able to access all interactive features and the viewer must be able to easily go back to the video at any time.

Applying the techniques above will ensure that your videos get found on the search engines, that visitors find your site via your videos and allow you to tap into the explosive growth of online video marketing.

Check This Website for More SEO Tips and Tricks
Check This Website for More SEO Tips and Tricks

Article Source Link by Karl Ortenburg